Atom Bank Reveals Positive Impact of Four-Day Work Week

Atom bank revealed that its four-day working week has been an “overwhelmingly positive experience” for employees, with improved productivity and job satisfaction.

The bank, which introduced the four-day working week in November last year, said it had seen an increase in job applications, an increase in staff and a drop in attrition.

Applications were up 49% for positions at Atom in January this year, compared to January last year. The workforce has also increased from 461 in November 2021 to 480 in June this year.

He made the move after recognizing that working life is longer, the positive impact of technology, flexible working and the need to live and work sustainably.

The implementation of a shorter workweek was also intended to support employees’ mental health and physical well-being, enabling staff to have a healthier work-life balance, while improving employee performance levels. the company.

The bank employee survey also revealed that 91% of people can accomplish everything they need in four days.

Atom says it’s also encouraging to see that employee productivity has improved with 92% of people saying they have found efficiency gains in the way they work as a result of the shorter work week.

Meanwhile, 92% also said they were looking forward to work, and there was a 13% year-over-year increase in people’s engagement in February compared to the same period l ‘last year.

The survey also showed that days lost to illness have also fallen since the new work structure was introduced, from 100 in November to 72 in June.

According to Atom, since the introduction of the four-day week, there has been a positive impact on customer service, with its pilot trust score rising from 4.54 in November to 4.82 in June.

In addition, customer goodwill rose from 83.1% in November to 85.8% in June. There was also a reduction in the number of complaints from 79 in November to 73 in April.

Anne-Marie Lister, Atom’s Director of Human Resources, said: “More than six months after the introduction of our new four-day working week, it is clear that it has been a huge success for our business and our employees. We are extremely proud of how our employees have adapted and the benefits this has brought to many.

“People are rightly looking for a healthier work/life balance, and despite warnings from some skeptics, our stats and people surveys show it hasn’t had a negative impact on employees or customer service. In fact, it’s the opposite, with happier, more efficient, and more productive people who are even more committed to helping us change banking for the better.

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