Bluestone Brings Mortgage Buying Assistance to the Whole Market

Bluestone Mortgages has relaunched its Help to Buy (HTB) range of mortgages, which is now available across the market.

Products are available at up to 75% LTV over a five-year term, with rates starting at 4.50%. There are no application fees and each mortgage comes with a free standard appraisal.

The maximum loan amount is £600,000 and builder incentives of up to 5% of the purchase price are accepted.

All mortgage offers provided are valid for six months, with possible extensions in the event of construction delays.

Additionally, the products are open to borrowers with credit issues, such as CCJs, defaults, unsecured credit arrears, debt management plans, and individual voluntary arrangements.

Reece Beddall, Director of Sales and Marketing at Bluestone, says: “The HTB program has played a vital role in helping thousands of First Time Home Buyers (FTBs) access the property ladder, but for those with credit problems and irregular sources of income, it can be much more difficult.

“As such, we are delighted to have secured a new line of funding from a leading investment bank which has allowed us to reopen distribution across our HTB range to support more FTBs, which otherwise may not have -be unable to fulfill their dreams of home ownership.”

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