Downing Street launches mortgage fund on DealSquare

TORONTO, July 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The Downing Street Group, a Toronto-based real estate investment firm, today announced the launch of its $ 100 million private placement offering on DealSquare for Downing Street Premium Yield Mortgage Fund LP (“DSPYM”). Powered by NEO technology, DealSquare is a joint initiative between Silver Maple Ventures and NEO to make private markets better and more accessible.

Founded in 1986, The Downing Street Group acquires, reallocates and develops residential, office, commercial, land and industrial buildings in the Greater Toronto Area and southwestern Ontario. The company is focused on creating transformative real estate developments and provides advisory services in addition to debt and equity financing to third parties across all asset classes. With a reputation for success built on the execution of its four complementary investment theses, a savvy entrepreneurial management team and an intimate and nuanced knowledge of the local market, Downing Street offers investors stable and sustained risk-weighted returns. .

The Downing Street Premium Yield Mortgage Fund LP invests in a diverse mix of senior mortgages on commercial, office, industrial and development land in urban areas of Ontario. The loan-to-value ratio of each mortgage does not exceed 75%, while the term to maturity of each mortgage does not exceed 2 years. With DSPYM, Downing Street aims to provide unitholders with consistent monthly distributions backed by first mortgages subject to rigorous and diligent underwriting. DSPYM was launched in December 2019 and to date has paid its investors distributions of approximately 8.55% per annum.

“We are actively developing the debt and equity aspects of our business and need a platform that can give us access to new sources of capital. DealSquare provides this access, while providing our company with additional market exposure ”, says Marc Canale, partner and COO of Downing Street. “We are delighted to launch this campaign and look forward to welcoming new investors to our business. “

DealSquare is an online private placement platform for brokers, investment advisers and fundraisers. The centralized platform gives registered users the ability to efficiently search, analyze, share and subscribe to private market offerings. DealSquare offers a fully digital and automated process, allowing fundraisers to post their private placement opportunities, brokers to perform due diligence, and advisors and investors to electronically subscribe to a trade. Exempt securities are seamlessly integrated into client accounts and broker back-office systems using NEO technology.

“We welcome Downing Street Premium Yield Mortgage Fund on our platform ”, says Peter-Paul Van Hoeken, Managing Director of DealSquare. “Mortgage Backed Investments Offer Attractive Cash Flows, Generating Returns for Investors. With the Downing Street Group mortgage fund listed on DealSquare, advisors can now easily offer this investment opportunity to their clients and execute investment transactions.

This is the first time Downing Street has reached out to a wider investor audience and DealSquare, powered by NEO, is the perfect tool to make it happen.Adds Jos Schmitt, President and CEO of NEO. “The campaign provides broad exposure to Downing Street, while providing investors with a fully digital platform to access an investment opportunity that would otherwise only have been accessible to a privileged few. “

To view Downing Street’s private placement offer on DealSquare, Click here. The Downing Street TTY is available under DSPMF on existing advisor order entry systems.

About the Downing Street Group

The Downing Street group acquires, repositioning and developing residential, office, commercial, land and industrial buildings. It also provides advisory services, in addition to debt and equity financing, to third parties in all asset classes. Led by its directors Anthony Alberga, Daniel Odorico and Marc Canale, over the past 35 years the company has built a reputation for “great thinking with a boutique feel”.

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About DealSquare

A joint initiative between NEO and Silver Maple Ventures, DealSquare, is Canada’s first centralized brokerage platform for private placements, digitally connecting fundraisers to investment dealers, their advisory networks and investors. With the full deployment of the platform in early 2020, DealSquare supports the entire private placement process: fundraisers publish their private placement opportunities; dealers perform their due diligence; and advisers subscribe to a transaction electronically, with exempt securities seamlessly integrated into client accounts and back office systems using NEO technology.

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About NEO

NEO is a group of established FinTech companies that provide capital markets infrastructure designed for and led by the industry. NEO’s competitiveness, innovation and advocacy enable change for the better. The NEO Exchange is a scalable exchange that brings together investors and fundraisers in a fair, efficient and service-oriented environment; and DealSquare, powered by NEO technology, is a platform that enables the distribution of unlisted financial assets in a way that lowers costs, reduces operational risk and improves the investor experience.

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About Silver Maple Ventures

Silver Maple Ventures Inc. (“SMV”) is an exempt market dealer and holding company of FrontFundr Financial Services Inc. (“FrontFundr”) and DealSquare Technologies Inc. (“DealSquare”). With offices in Toronto and Vancouver, the SMV team is a national leader in private capital markets, developing and operating two fintech platforms to provide access to private markets in Canada and streamline the transaction process.

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