Editor’s note: you are the heroes the market needs

I don’t know if it’s possible to accurately summarize the last few weeks in the mortgage industry without using expletives….

It hasn’t been easy for anyone, but brokers have been particularly hard hit by the fallout from the Chancellor’s mini-budget, working around the clock to secure rates and calm the nerves of panicked clients.

Anyone coming to the end of a mortgage term will have been particularly shaken by the withdrawal of products and the rise in rates. But amidst all this mania, it’s been so positive to see so many brokers popping up in the national media to be the voice of reason and offer sound, sound advice.

Think back to that time you overcame something that seemed insurmountable. You can do it again

It is undeniable that mortgage prices have increased significantly in the short term. For those who got their first product when rates were at rock bottom and nearing the end of their term, a shock may be in store. But, as of press time, the intense post-budget market volatility was beginning to subside and lenders were bringing product back, some even cutting rates.

In these turbulent times, brokers are truly the heroes the market needs. But being the saviors of borrowers, and often their therapists, is quite a burden to bear. I’m sure you yourselves are shaken by recent events.

Brokers have been hit particularly hard by the fallout from the Chancellor’s mini-budget

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At press time, the intense volatility in the post-budget market was beginning to subside and lenders were bringing back products

If you are struggling right now, as I am sure so many others are, think back to when you overcame something that seemed insurmountable. You can do it again.

Take care of yourself !

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