Lack of “respect” in the relationship between the agent and the dog carrier: Coadjute

About a third of realtors and real estate agents say a lack of “mutual respect” between these professionals “prevents them from working together effectively,” according to a Coadjute report.

It found that 32% of both professions shared “similar frustration” and agreed that “greater mutual respect would improve the relationship between real estate agents and real estate agents the most,” according to the Digital Real Estate Network’s Working Better Together report. published today.

The survey surveyed around 500 real estate professionals, but found that when broken down, real estate agents, at 39%, rated this as a higher priority for improving relationships than real estate agents, at 26%. .

About 82% of workers on both sides agree that the relationship between the two professions has changed, but 42% say they can improve.

Guild of Property Professionals chief executive Iain McKenzie said: “Over the past few decades, a steady stream of innovation has flowed into the property market. Yet despite this progress, several issues continue to plague the home buying and selling process, casting a shadow over progress.

“One of the biggest challenges is the lack of understanding of the role transfer agents and real estate agents play in a transaction, which creates a disconnect between them. Fundamentally, they are different entities with different perspectives and personalities. different.

“So it’s no surprise that their relationship is struggling. But to meet changing customer needs and expectations, they must now find a way to work better together. Open and honest communication between both parties has always been important, but now it is essential.

Bold Legal Group Founder Rob Hailstone adds: “Suspicion runs deep throughout the transaction process. Referral costs and a lack of transparency and understanding between the parties are driving the wedge. Is all hope lost? Far from there. Am I optimistic about the future? Certainly.

“But first, all parties must be ready to break with the unfair stereotypes and bitter rivalry that have plagued the property market for too long. We must remember that everyone in a transaction wants to achieve the same thing: to help clients secure their dream home. No one is intentionally trying to derail the process or make it a stressful experience for anyone.

Coadjute managing director Dan Salmons said: “Clearly the difficulties of recent years have created even greater challenges for transfer agents and estate agents and the relationship between them.

“Although they play different roles in the real estate transaction, our results show that they basically share the same goals and frustrations.”

Coadjute conducted a 20-question online questionnaire with just under 500 property professionals in the UK, including estate agents, estate agents and suppliers to the property industry, which began in March.

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