Landbay reduces BTL tariffs and extends its green range

Landbay said it has reduced some rates on its rental mortgage lineup and added new homes to its green loan portfolio.

The rental loan platform reduced rates from 0.14% to 0.29%, with its lowest rate now set at 2.65% for a two-year fixed rate at 65% of the loan-to-value ratio, against 2.85%.

Product discount highlights include a standard five-year fixed rate of 75% LTV reduced to 3.04%, with free valuation options, down from 3.24%.

The company says these discounts also apply to more niche clients, such as small portfolio owners and trading limited companies.

Meanwhile, the lender has extended its green loans to new construction properties, wie a eenergy performance certificate rranging from A to C.

The firm adds that its entire green range has been reduced by 10 basis points.

Highlights include a five-year fix to 75% LTV for a property rated EPC A, B or C is now 2.94%, from 3.14% for an A / B rated property and 3.19% for a C.

It adds 75% of LTV multi-occupancy homes and freehold block loans to multiple units, including new build properties, were also reduced to 3.34% from 3.59%.

Landbay Managing Director, Intermediaries, Paul Brett said: “Despite the Bank of England raising the key rate by 0.15% in December, we are able to cut rates.

We have access to strong lines of financing and our financial partners are keen to support our competitive product position, which we intend to maintain.

Over the past year, we have further expanded our product line, making significant inroads in helping small portfolio owners, HMO owners, and those who aim to be eco-friendly.

We have been blown away by the interest and adoption of our green line as more and more real estate investors realize the importance of making their property energy efficient.

“About one in ten loans are for new properties, so it makes perfect sense to extend our green mortgage to this cohort of homeowners. “

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