LiveMore sets up in Scotland | Mortgage strategy

Specialist lender LiveMore has expanded its operations in Scotland.

The lender offers borrowers over the age of 50 retirement interest-only and term interest-only products on terms ranging from five to 30 years and up to 75% LTV.

He says the Scottish market is “largely underserved” by big banks and his move to Scotland will open up opportunities for brokers as well as potential borrowers.

Earlier this year, LiveMore secured a £275m funding line with NatWest Markets.

Alison Pallett, LiveMore’s Chief Sales Officer, said: “The very reason LiveMore exists is to provide more choice for older borrowers, so we are absolutely delighted to extend this mandate to benefit consumers in Scotland.

“It is a great injustice that perfectly capable people with stable finances are excluded from the market simply because they are over 50 and do not meet rigid and arbitrary criteria.”

And Paradigm’s Director of Mortgages, Richard Howes, adds, “This market needs as much choice as possible, and it’s really encouraging that LiveMore can now offer specialist retirement solutions for brokers and their end-of-life clients.” of life.

“This provides more opportunities for over-50s to extend their stay at home and a new way for brokers in the region to expand their relationships to include more clients.”

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