LMS Upgrades Selected Asset Transfer Platform

LMS says it has improved its Select software to make it easier for brokers to coordinate and instruct on the platform.

The transport and signage agent management firm says its enhanced service provides access to its panel of law firms through an easy-to-navigate dashboard, which can be tailored to individual needs to help brokers find the right ones. best transport agents for customers.

He adds that this will increase the capacity of brokers and carriers, while reducing administration and query times.

The platform adopts a market-based pricing model, in which law firms set their own rates, reflecting complex cases. Brokers receive real-time quotes with price breakdowns from law firms, allowing them to decide on instructions.

The company has a partnership with cloud-based insurance company Unisure, which allows brokers to issue general insurance instructions on the system as well.

LMS Commercial Director Travis Scholes said: “We are committed to streamlining the ownership transfer process to align with the digital transformation underway in other industries, and we are proud to lead the way in this regard.

“Our rejuvenated Select service is a big step towards this goal. Our improvements mean brokers and their clients have more choice, while dramatically reducing administration and query times for freight agents.

“Lenders and brokers look to us to connect them with efficient, secure and reliable law firms. LMS Select makes this process easier, and we’re committed to continuing to expand our panel, while advancing more third-party integrations to further streamline service and improve everyone’s journey. “

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