Moneyfacts launches search function for green mortgages

Moneyfacts Analyzer users will now be able to search and filter “green” residential and rental mortgages.

Currently, the system will provide details of 525 residential mortgages and 302 such BTL mortgages.

Green mortgages have grown in popularity in recent months, with a number of lenders launching mortgages aimed at lending on more energy-efficient properties and allowing the funds to be used for improvements.

Related to this, Natwest reports that the majority of UK homeowners plan to retrofit their own properties in the future to reduce their energy bills.

And last month, Rightmove published an article showing that the higher a property’s energy performance rating, the more it will sell for.

Darren Cook, Head of Analytics Products at Moneyfacts, says: “Green mortgages have now become an important part of the traditional mortgage market, with new products appearing regularly with a variety of different green features designed to improve the energy efficiency of the property of an owner.

“The latest update to our Residential and BTL Mortgage Analyzers is another innovation that combines the ability to perform detailed market-leading research, industry-leading analytics and expert comparison reporting.”

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