Mortgage Broker Tools Launches Helpdesk for Hard-to-Place Cases

Mortgage Broker Tools has launched a helpline, giving brokers access to experts who can help them find the best solutions for difficult cases.

The search criteria platform says its support team, which collectively has more than 50 years of mortgage experience, is ready to respond to calls quickly, “so brokers can avoid long delays. typically associated with lender call centers”.

The service is available to members of the platform for an additional annual fee.

Mortgage Broker Tools Managing Director Tanya Toumadj says, “At Mortgage Broker Tools, we’ve pioneered an old-school approach to complement our high-tech MBT accessibility platform and deliver even more value to our users.

“The market is constantly evolving, adding greater complexity to even the simplest cases. Access to real-time information is more important than ever and platforms such as MBT can help brokers navigate the maze of affordability and criteria during their research.

“Sometimes, however, there is a tricky case that requires a human touch and, with wait times for lenders often lasting several hours, speaking to someone who can help can be tricky.”

Toumadj adds that a recent example of the help desk working on a hard-to-place case was when it helped a broker secure a mortgage for a first-time buyer, who worked as a contractor in the construction industry. , on a buy-to-let dealer buy in an environment where products were removed every day.

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