NRLA slams government for excluding owners from liner repair

The government’s plans to solve the siding scandal penalize small rental landlords and are based on “lazy and false assumptions” according to critics from the National Residential Landlords Association.

The reprimand follows comments by Housing Secretary Michael Gove to the Select Committee on Upgrading, Housing and Communities.

Gove has confirmed that landlords who let more than one main property will not be covered by the government’s recourse scheme, which states that no tenant will be required to cover the cost of replacing unsafe surfacing.

Gove said it was because he didn’t want public funds supporting those who already had “significant means” to pay for the remedial measures themselves. Gove went on to say that not every repair program would be perfect.

the The National Residential Landlords Association points out that this means multi-millionaires owning and living in a single luxury penthouse would be covered by government plans, while landlords renting more than one property for a pension would not.

According to the government’s own data, 94% of private landlords rent out individually, with 44% becoming a landlord to contribute to their pension.

NRLA chief executive Ben Beadle said: “Michael Gove’s previous comments about ending the scandal of tenants paying to remove unsafe coatings now ring hollow.

“It’s not about who can or can’t afford to pay. It is a matter of fairness. No tenant, no matter how many properties they own, should expect to foot the bill for unsafe and illegal siding installed by someone else.

He adds: “The government must realize an injustice it has committed and make amends now.

Tory peer Lord Naseby has tabled an amendment to the Safe Buildings Bill to ensure all tenants are treated equally, regardless of how many properties they own.

In addition, a parliamentary motion tabled by Tory MP Sir Peter Bottomley calling for rental landlords and homeowners to be treated equally won cross-party support, including Labour, Liberal Democrats and Green MPs. .

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