West One Reduces Cost of BTL Tracking Products

West One Loans has cut rates on its buy-to-let life tracking range.

Lender’s Lifetime Tracker Standard W1 is now available at base plus 2.09%, reduces the cost by 15 basis points, as it was previously a base rate plus 2.24%.

West One has also cut rates by 15 basis points on its Lifetime Tracker Specialist W1 range with rates now starting at base rate plus 2.34%. This range is intended to finance more complex transactions such as houses, apartments and duplexes above or near commercial premises, HMOs and freehold multi-unit buildings.

West One’s lifetime trackers are now also available with ERC options, including two-year terms at 2% in year one and 1% in year two.

Andrew Ferguson, managing director of West One’s buy-to-let division, said: “There is no doubt that times are uncertain for many borrowers. With further interest rate hikes on the horizon, flexibility will be essential to respond to a difficult and changing environment.

“Many brokers will be approached by clients asking for help in reviewing the options available, especially those at the more complex end of the market. This is why we are reducing prices on products in our tracker range.

“We want to give brokers and their clients more ways to navigate their portfolios in this changing and challenging landscape.”

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